College Council 2015-16

college council group
Role Name
College President Sonya Christian
Academic Affairs Administrator Cindy Collier
Vice-President, Finance & Admin. Services Anthony Culpepper
Vice-President, Student Services Zav Dadabhoy
Student Services Administrator Nicky Damania
Vice-President, Academic Affairs Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg
Management Association Sue Vaughn
Classified Rep: Administrative Services Bernadette Martinez
Classified Rep: Academic Affairs Janet Thomas
Classified Rep: Student Services Chris Glaser
CSEA President Tina Johnson
Student Government Association President Clayton Fowler
Academic Senate President Steven Holmes
AIQ Committee Chair Kate Pluta
Faculty Rep: Art, Communications, Foreign Language/ASL, Philosophy and Social Science Jason Stratton
Faculty Rep: Agriculture, Allied Health, Nursing, BMIT, EIT and FACE Kimberly Bligh
Faculty Rep: Science, Health and PE Krista Moreland
Faculty Rep: Counseling and Library Services Victor Diaz
Faculty Chairs Mark Staller
FCDC Rep; CCA Rep Kathy Rosellini