Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee is to oversee the annual scholarships, and to ensure the timely and fair distribution of scholarship funds. The general goal of the committee is to review and select recipients for the following annual awards.

Meeting Times

Twice per academic year (Fall and Spring)

Scholarship committee together in a meeting room

Last Meeting

January 24, 2024

About the Committee


Reviewed and approved November 2, 2018.

The Bakersfield College Scholarship Committee (BCSC) is responsible for overseeing the review and selection of recipients for approximately 220 annual scholarships assigned by the BC Foundation and its donors. The BCSC is committed to the timely and fair selection of recipients eligible for scholarships that fall under their purview. The BCSC works in collaboration with the BC Financial Aid Office and BC Foundation to promote the awareness of the scholarship program and provide input in the planning of the annual Honors Celebration.

Full Committee Charge

Contact Information

Please contact Jennifer Achan (Scholarship Committee Administrative Co-Chair) for more information.

Office Location: W 116
Phone: (661) 395-4428