SGA Department of Legislative Affairs

Department on Legislative Affairs is to track local, state, and federal legislation to ensure that students are represented fairly and to advocate on behalf of students to the Faculty Senate, University officials, City and County officials, the KCCD Office of the Chancellor, California State Government, and the California Congressional Delegation.

Meeting Times

Meetings occur on an Ad-HOC basis. Per Brown Act, agendas post 72 Hrs in advance at campus center.

Staff and students jumping with arms raised.

Last Meeting

February 16, 2023

About the Committee

Legislative Affairs is accountable and transparent to inform the BC Student Body, the Bakersfield community, where various laws are proposed and passed that affect our students and the community. Leg. Affairs stays updated with all legislation that is pertinent to the BC Student Body, KCCD District, Bakersfield City, Kern County, and the State of California, and Federal legislations and affairs. Leg. Affairs is to be a representing voice of BC Students to the California Community College System.

Contact Information

Please contact Office of Student Life for more information.

Office Location: Campus Center
Phone: (661) 395-4355