Administrative Council

Coordinates information and recommends administrative action to the president.

Meeting Times

2nd Monday or each month 2-4 PM

Large number of men and women mostly wearing red.

Last Meeting

October 9, 2023

About the Committee


Administrative Council is a consultative body comprised of educational and classified administrators and managers. Administrative Council is a forum for communication on issues and trends affecting Bakersfield College, and communicates directly with the president of Bakersfield College.

Members of the Administrative Council serve at the discretion of the President, and provide the President a forum for vetting decisions prior to implementation. They strive to provide all possible viewpoints surrounding collegewide issues so the President can make decisions based on the widest possible perspectives.

Contact Information

Please contact Ximena Ortega (Administrative Council support) for more information.


Administrative Council Retreats

Each year, the Administrative Council participates in a series of retreats to plan for upcoming initiatives. Visit the Administrative Council Retreats page for information on this planning process.

Committee Resources