Staff Parking Subcommittee


The Proposal for Subcommittee on Staff Parking document was reviewed and approved by the Facilities & Sustainability Committee on March 6, 2019.

It is proposed that a staff parking subcommittee be created with the following responsibilities:

  • Examine current staff parking data, usage, and issues
  • Other than the membership of the subcommittee, reach out to additional staff, faculty, administration, security, Student Government Association, and Maintenance & Operations representatives for input on their concerns about staff parking across the College
  • Use Measure J plans and all other gathered information to provide future staff parking recommendations to the Facilities & Sustainability Committee
  • Represent the committee in oral reports on staff parking to other college committees, as needed


This subcommittee shall have membership from the Facilities & Sustainability members and represent the chair (Bill Potter), an additional administrator, two faculty, and one classified staff. If possible, a Student Government Association representative should also be part of this subcommittee, and this member may be delegated by the Facilities & Sustainability Committee's Student Governement Association representative.


This subcommittee will report back on its work to every Facilities & Sustainability Committee meeting until the end of the Spring semester, after which this subcommittee will discontinue its work unless its continuance is agreed upon by the Facilities & Sustainability Committee. During this time, the subcommittee may also report any findings to other College committees where their feedback or involvement may be valuable.


This subcommittee will not have final authority to make decisions on staff parking. It is solely expected to gather information, review that information, and make recommendations.

Subcommittee Members
Role Name
Committee Chair Bill Potter
Dean, Instruction Stephen Waller
Faculty Helen Acosta
Faculty Jason Dixon
Classified Kristin Rabe
Student Government Association Lee Caldwell